Big-Ticket Gift Items Every Man Will Love

10 Big-Ticket Gift Items Every Man Will Love

Want to treat a guy you know to something awesome this holiday season? While there’s obviously no single gift that every guy will love, we can say with confidence that a whole lot of guys are secretly (or not-so-secretly) hoping to get one of the things on this list! As always with gift giving, it’s all about knowing the recipient’s unique tastes — which is why we’ve assembled a list of big-ticket gifts to please just about every different kind of guy out there. From state-of-the-art outdoor cooking tools to fitness mirrors and so many more options, here are ten gift ideas to truly make him feel spoiled. 

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  1. For the AlFresco Chef: Outdoor Kitchen Kit

What is it about guys and grilling? He’ll have time to ponder that as he enjoys working the grill in his all-in-one outdoor kitchen! While a true custom outdoor kitchen project costs more than most people want to spend even on a splurge gift (and is hard to wrap too), a new generation of outdoor kitchen kits are now available that create an elegant and fully functional patio kitchen right out of the box. Consider looking for one with a modular design that allows him to add additional pieces later if he feels like customizing! 

  1. For the Outdoorsman: Quality Leather Boots

There’s boots, and then there’s boots — the high-quality genuine leather kind that are built to last damn near a lifetime. Any guy who loves the outdoors deserves a pair of the latter! The key feature to look for is a Goodyear welt, a specific type of construction that creates extremely long-lasting and comfortable boots (once they’re properly broken in). A boot care kit with leather cleaner, mink oil (or a vegan alternative) and a shoe brush is a great extra to throw in.

  1. For the Tuned-In Man: Audiophile Headphones

If music is his passion (whether playing or listening to it), a pair of true audiophile headphones can change the whole experience of his favorite tunes. Open-back headphones, while less travel- and office-friendly than other types, are definitely a great way to go if you want to give him the absolute best sound quality. However, excellent closed-back options exist as well, and even Bluetooth earbuds have come a long way toward audiophile-worthy performance, so just choose something that fits his lifestyle!

  1. For the Movie Buff: Portable Projector

Backyard movie night is a go when he’s got one of the many awesome new portable projectors at his disposal. These miniature projectors are small enough to go nearly anywhere, and they come with lots of cool features. Some are battery powered for extreme portability, some offer built-in streaming options that make them basically smart TVs, some support UHD 4K — you get the picture! Speaking of getting the picture, we’d recommend rounding out this gift with a projector screen.

  1. For the Fitness Freak: Smart Fitness Mirror

Smart exercise bikes are so 2020 — now, fitness-loving techies have embraced the new wave of smart fitness mirror systems. A world of possibilities await, from remote personal training sessions to AI-powered tools that can help him improve his form! Remember that most smart mirrors require a subscription to access their fitness resources, so consider throwing in a gift certificate for a few free months. 

For the Fitness Freak: Smart Fitness Mirror

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  1. For the Gamer Guy: VR Headset

VR has finally arrived for real, and now VR headsets are more popular and more powerful than ever. For a guy who loves to lose himself in the world of an immersive game, VR is an amazing new frontier. Both standalone VR headsets and models that connect to a PC or game console are available, and several different VR platforms offer a big range of games and fitness apps for his enjoyment. 

  1. For the Meat Maniac: Pellet Grill

We all know a guy who’s serious about meat, right? If you know that guy and he doesn’t already have a pellet grill, it’s time to fix that! Pellet grills are wood-fired grills designed to maintain extremely consistent temperatures while providing the classic BBQ flavor you can only get from wood. They’re superb for smoking meats like ribs, brisket and pork butt, but they do equally well for standard grilling, or even as a convection oven for baking! Oh, and if he loves gadgets, strongly consider a WiFi pellet grill , which will allow him to connect his phone and monitor his meat remotely. And if your man is a sports fanatic, get him a portable tailgating pellet grill

  1. For the Bookworm: Tablet Reader

A tablet reader can be a game-changer gift for any guy with literary inclinations. Standard tablets work well as readers, of course, but the dedicated reading tablets on the market now are designed specifically to feature a book-like reading experience. He’ll enjoy the high pixel density that produces ultra-crisp text, not to mention the ability to download practically a whole library’s worth of books at once! 

  1. For the Adrenaline Junkie: Action Camera

Before he leaves for his latest trek through the mountains of Guatemala (or wherever he’s headed now), the thrill-seeking man will be delighted to unwrap a brand new action camera! These amazing cameras can clip onto just about anything as they capture the adventures of a lifetime, and they’re built to survive water, dirt and other occupational hazards. To complete the package, include a microSD card that he can use to record the good stuff. 

For the Adrenaline Junkie: Action Camera

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  1. For the Remote Worker: Luxury Office Chair

Maybe he’s one of the workers who never went back to the office after lockdown, or maybe he’s a remote lifer who’s been working at home for a decade or more. Either way, it’s time to upgrade him from that crappy old office chair! While a higher end chair certainly isn’t cheap, you really get what you pay for, and a well-made chair can easily last for a decade or longer. Look for something with lumbar support and plenty of options for adjusting height, armrests, backrests and other key parts.

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