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8 Fun Gift Ideas for Your Scorpio Friends

As a water sign, Scorpios possess determination and loyalty traits, making them great friends. However, buying gifts for this mysterious astrological sign may not always be the easiest. When it comes to fun gift ideas, Scorpios are all about indulgence, drama, and luxury. They aren’t afraid to go after what they want; they don’t mind being direct about it, either.

Since they have big personalities and a bit of attitude, your Scorpio friends may enjoy funny, snarky gifts that will make them laugh. However, Scorpios are also passionate and intense people who are deeply curious about the world around them. Read on for gift ideas for Scorpios.

1. Dramatic Clothes and Accessories

Did you know that Scorpio is the sign of a great actor? If you’ve ever had a Scorpio friend or partner, you know that they’re always working on their performance. They love to be noticed, and they want their style to be just as recognizable and dramatic. Scorpios are known for wearing dark clothes with lots of texture and detail. They also love accessories like leather boots, belts and bags with studs or spikes, black sunglasses (especially if they like cat-eye frames), kimonos or other wrap tops over leggings or skirts.

You can indulge this love of drama with jewelry, too. If you’re unsure exactly what style, start with their favorite brands or search their aesthetic on Pinterest. You also can’t go wrong with luxury jewelry or watches. However, if you’re on a budget, try unique tote bags.

2. New Books or Journals

Many Scorpios love to tell a good story, which is why they read so much and often love writing. A brand-new book may be hard to shop for, but Scorpios love gifts like this because it shows how much you know them.

Sketchbooks and journals are also perfect gifts for the artsy Scorpio in your life. These gifts go sensationally well with a new pen — everything the Scorpio needs to be creative. New books or journals are also great fun gift ideas for your Scorpio employees. 

New Books or Journals

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3. Thoughtful Jewelry

Scorpios find meaning in everything. That’s what makes personalized jewelry great fun gift ideas. A piece of jewelry with some deeper meaning will likely resonate well with this sign’s personality type, such as a quote, an inside joke or a phrase that connects your friendship.

4. High-Quality Skin Care Products

Scorpios have a lot of pride in their appearance, which is why the perfect complexion may be another gift your friend will appreciate. When buying a skincare or spa gift for a Scorpio, it’s important to make sure that whatever you buy is of high quality and works well. If you’re not too familiar with this type of stuff, you should look at the latest skincare reviews for moisturizers, face masks, bath bombs, and other spa or beauty gifts. When in doubt, a gift card with a personalized card to their favorite spa works just as well.

High-Quality Skin Care Products

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5. High-Intensity Workout Class Membership

Does your Scorpio friend love to work out? Why not try a new class together? A high-intensity workout class will have lots of variety and keep them interested. The best way to choose which class is right for your Scorpio friend is by asking them what kind of exercise they want to do.  There might be new and different types of workouts that would interest them, such as Zumba.

However, if they already love their gym classes, then why not some new workout clothes? A pair of funny socks with a new workout set would both support their love of the gym while also making them laugh.

6. Luxurious Sheets and Linens

Scorpios love feeling special and pampered, so why not make your Scorpio feel like royalty with some luxurious sheets and linens? A silk pillow set offers the perfect night’s sleep, and it’s better for your skin and hair. If you’re looking for new sheets, the best material includes upland cotton, Egyptian cotton, linen or silk. These fabrics have  a cooling effect and are great for those with sensitive skin.

Luxurious Sheets and Linens

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7. A Cutting Board and Knife Set

Some of the most famous chefs are Scorpios. Those who like to cook always need good knives and tools for slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping. It’s important that you get a knife set with sharp blades made from high-quality materials.

8. Perfume or Cologne

If you’re looking for a gift that will make your Scorpio friend or family member feel special, consider buying them an expensive, luxury fragrance. Scorpios are attracted to luxury items, and they like to be the center of attention. Scorpios will be flattered if they receive an extravagant gift from you.

It’s important not to get too carried away with this idea. If your gift is too expensive, then it may seem as though you’re trying too hard. Make sure that whatever you choose for them doesn’t come across in that way!

Have Fun With Your Scorpio Friends are the best fun gift ideas

Scorpios will enjoy gifts that are indulgent, dramatic, dark or luxurious. As passionate and intense people, they can’t help but be attracted to things that reflect their personalities.

If you’re shopping for a Scorpio, we hope this list has been helpful. If you still don’t know what to get your friend or loved one, remember that they probably want something that’s unique to their personality and favorite brands. Scorpios really appreciate when gifts are personal because they enjoy giving thoughtful gifts. However, you can never go wrong since most Scorpios love receiving a gift on their special day.

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