How to celebrate your friend’s birthday?

How to celebrate your friend’s birthday?

Is your friend’s birthday coming up? You are thinking of ways to make a friend’s birthday memorable. It is undoubtedly a confusing moment for you to decide about the best ideas that surprise your friend. 

Here we will provide you with a list of creative ideas that will help you amaze your friend on their birthday. Stay tuned with us to learn unique ideas for your friend’s birthday.

  • Decorate your car and drive by their house

It will be a fantastic idea to decorate your car like a birthday parade. Add balloons; write personalized birthday messages on your car body with paint markers. It is also good to hang up the banners with the written message “happy birthday.” 

Once you have decorated your car drive it in front of your friend’s house and text your friend to look outside the window. It will make your friend happy with that surprise.

  • Arrange a Surprise Picnic Party

Nothing can be the more memorable and happiest moment for any person to have a good time with friends. Everyone loves celebrating picnic parties with friends. On his birthday, you can amaze your friend by secretly planning a picnic party with other friends.

Once you have arranged the party call your friend at the party place. It will not just surprise but also make your friend happy to arrange this special party.

  • Organize a themed movie night

Does your friend love to watch movie? Then there is no better gift for your friend than a surprising movie night. You do not need to go to the theater; you can also plan a movie night with friends at your home or your friend’s home.

It is good if you organize a movie night at your home. You can decorate the room and can make some party arrangements. You can bring candies and organize the sitting area with cozy and soft pillows and blankets.

  • Make their favorite food.

You can also wish your friend by making their favorite food on their birthday. It is good if you order their favorite food on their birthday. But it will make your friend happier if you make their favorite food on your own in your kitchen.

Get some training on the recipe before trying it for your friend. It will help you to maintain the taste. It is not just food; it will show them your care and love for them, strengthening your friendship.

  • Get a flower Bouquet.

You have many ideas, but still, flowers are one of the best gifts for a friend’s birthday. You should visit the flower shop or buy an online bouquet of fresh flowers for your friend on their birthday. 

It is a must to include your friend’s favorite flowers to surprise them on their birthday. You can also add a birthday card or can write a personalized message for your friend on this happy occasion.

  • Organize Spa appointment

Is your friend a busy person? There will be no better gift for your busy friend than arranging a day at the spa to relax. You can gift your friend a body massage that will give your friend freshness and make them happy with your care for your friend.

  • Fill their room with balloons.

Happy birthday, balloons will be a tremendous and surprising gift for your friend. You can fill your friend’s room with balloons to wish them on their birthday. You can pick different colors of the balloon to make their room colorful. It will also send a message that you want to make her life colorful. 

You can also add happy birthday cards with balloons. If not possible you can also buy balloons with a happy birthday message.

  • Wish them with Birthday Cake

A birthday cake for your friend can be an excellent gift for a birthday. It will be fantastic if you know cake baking, you can bake a birthday cake for your friend to show your love for your friend. You can also write a birthday message or a wishing message for your friend.

But if you do not know cooking, you can order a birthday cake to surprise your friend on their birthday. Different online delivery services also offer the facility to write a special message on the birthday cake to make it unique for your friend at this special moment.

  • Plan a long drive

Are your friend’s loved trips and long drives? You can make your friend’s birthday memorable by planning a long drive on birthday day. It will be an excellent idea if you secretly plan everything and on birthday bring your friend on a long drive on their favorite route.

After a long drive, you can also keep balloons or birthday cake to celebrate your friend’s birthday. It is an excellent idea to choose a long drive to your friend’s favorite destination. Your friend will remember this gift forever.

  • Gift them a friendship memory album

Nothing will be a better gift than a friendship memory album for your childhood friend. You can prepare a friendship memory album where you can paste your friendship pictures from childhood to till date. It will not just amaze your friend but will also show them your feelings that how they are essential to you.

  • Plan a surprise swimming party

In the summer you can amaze your friend on their birthday by planning a surprise swimming party. Make a plan with your friends but keep it a secret from your friend whose birthday is coming. Bring your friend to the pool on their birthday day and enjoy a memorable party with friends.

You can also arrange food and decorations to celebrate your friend’s birthday near the swimming pool. It will surely amaze your friend, and their birthday will bring you much closer.


Your friends are very important to us; they act as blood in your life. It is your responsibility to amaze your friends on their birthday. It will show them your love and feelings for them. When you make their birthday special, they will respect you by heart and thank you. 

It isn’t easy to find splendid ideas for your friend’s birthday celebration. But we have provided you with excellent ideas that will surely impress your friend and make them happy on their birthday.

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