ilFornino Grande Vs Roma Pizza Oven

ilFornino Grande Vs Roma Pizza Oven Which One Is Better For You

When creating pizza, you want to use the best tools available. But no other better option stands out in comparison to the outdoor pizza oven. Thus, a wise investment will enable you to bring the pizza oven inside your house or your restaurant’s kitchen.

I can share my opinion about which one is the winner of the informing Grande Vs. Roma Series. But I wanted to share people’s reviews of what they think because my opinion differs from theirs. 


How Can I Choose the Best Option for Both of Them?

1. Architect Designs

Both ilFornino Grande VS Roma ovens have the best architectural designs. Grande Series Oven uses heavy-duty 304 14-gauge stainless steel with an outer dome. On the other hand, the Fiamma Rossa model is also made of 14 gauge brushed stainless steel with straight welding that shows excellent work. But if I have to pick, I’d go with the Roma oven because it heats up in a fraction of the time—only 25 to 30 minutes—as opposed to the Grande Series ovens, which can take up to 30-40 minutes.

2. Portability

Now let’s move on to the next item in our comparison, portability. The Grand Series pizza oven has space for six 12″ pies. However, the Roma Series oven can accommodate the three 12″ pies. Another item to note is that the Roma Series oven weighs 295 lbs. without the stand, which makes it lighter than the Grande Series oven, which weighs roughly 550 lbs.

Because you need a propane gas tank, gas makes your oven heavier. It makes your entire setup very uncomfortable. However, in contrast to the Roma Series Oven, I think I will choose the Grande Series pizza oven because it can hold more pizzas. Additionally, it is also capable of using natural gas at any moment.

The Grande G series is ideal for you if you plan to launch a business. It is for use by eateries, skilled food service providers, or people searching for the oven to start their businesses. It is a commercial pizza oven with two fuel choices: gas/wood combination or wood solo.

As I previously indicated, this oven gives you a good start because it is easily transportable and fits in trailers. Or the Roma Series, with its distinct features and affordability. It is the best choice for those who cook at home with friends and family.

3. Fuel Sources 

Although high temperatures make wood-fired ovens unique, what if you want to switch your oven from wood to gas? Grande G Series is compatible with both fuels. The feature that sets Grande ovens makes it a hybrid pizza oven. Pizza ovens with hybrid technology are what distinguish Grande ovens. After turning down the gas flame and getting the pizza oven hot enough using gas, you can add wood pellets to give it a woodsy flavor.

The construction of a hybrid oven provides additional space for a propane tank and wood. As a result, I prefer the Grande G Series, yet the Roma Series is still your best pick if you’re looking for the best wood-burning oven.

   4. Price

There is a significant price difference between the Grande G Series and Roma Series Oven models. The budget for the Grande Series is significantly larger at $6,195. The Roma Series, on the other hand, makes up almost half of this ($3,195).

But we have previously discussed the numerous other extra features of the Grande G Series Oven. But if money is tight, you should think about the Roma Series Oven, which is also a top oven based on reviews and consensus.


A pizza oven outdoors is the best investment if you take your pizza cooking to the next level.

You have the information you need. Before selecting any item, you should know several important factors, such as price, size, capacity, efficiency, and weight. I’m assuming you are aware of everything going on right now. Stay Cooking!

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